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One to One Staff Handouts

 The following resources were put together or reviewed by Hopewell-Loudon Jr High Staff in order get a strong foundation for our H-L One to One Inititiave.  It is important as educators to know and understand this information as it evolves into the High School classroom in the near future.



BOE Access proposal





H L 1 1 parent Guide


 Teacher Resources

101 practical ways to ditch that textbook


GSUITE for Education Cheat Sheets


Customizable Classroom Chromebook AUP


How to help your student


NEW Chromebook Cart Do's and Dont's NEW

 Refresh Power the quick fixit for your Chromebooks


Login How to Help Guide


Password Reset How to Help Guide


Chromebook App, Extension or Browser URL request


Calm down apps are where  they usually are


Printing with the Chromebook, If you must


How to recover from a malware attack

How to restore a student chromebook, If I am not around....


Wireless Networking at Home

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