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Fall Sports Schedule




Just who gets into events free? I have been asked that question a number of times. The answer is, although a couple of events were handled differently, any fall, high school athlete  can get into any fall home event by signing the athlete sheet at the pass table. All others are expected to pay.





Sports Forms and Videos


 Welcome to the Hopewell-Loudon

Athletic Department Home Page.


I hope the following explanation of forms and requirements helps you to complete required forms and documents.


I have had many calls regarding the videos athletes and their families are required to watch. Please click on the gray "Sports Forms" above. This takes you to a new window with all of the forms listed in pdf format. Click on the one you need (you need all except the pay-to-participate for the other seasons) and it will download for you to print.


If you look in the column on the left and click on "Preseason videos" you will get a new window taking you to those. Follow those directions. You have to register and watch the video and then it gives you a certificate to print out. This is free but mandatory.


In addition to the forms on the next window (found by clicking link above "Sports Forms") a new information sheet has been added called "Tandem Calendar." This is the district calendar with many of the events on it. If your child is playing softball, as an example, and you sign up through the process explained in this file, you will get an almost instantaneous alert in the format you choose when games are cancelled, etc. Please take advantage of this service.

The fall parent-athlete meeting was held on July 28 at 6:00 PM. All students, 7-12, intending to participate in fall sports and their parents must be in attendance. If you were unable to attend, please go to the following link and download and print a communication guide. This is a large part of the discussion for that evening.

The next link you see is for a video discussion of the power point that was discussed that evening. It is about ten minutes long.

Comunication Guide


At practice on Wednesday, August 13, your child should have received a form for verification of all forms and information including the parent-athlete meeting. If you were in attendance, please initial. If not, please watch the video linked above and then initial. They will also receive a copy of the Code of Conduct to be read and the verification/agreement signed (last page).


Please fill out the top 1/3 of the Sport Packet Information form


Please sign/initial all parts in the middle third of the sheet.


The bottom third indicates the forms I have received from your child. The physical line indicates the date I have on your child's physical. Check marks mean I have the document. "NSF" on the last line means I attempted to have the board office process your request to have funds taken from your child's account and the balance was too low for that to happen. Some were also returned because you did not indicate what you wanted done (no line checked).


If you are not sure of what each means  or where to find it, your first source is in the "sports forms" listed above. 


Please also be aware, if you are not already, your child is required to sign a prior written notice form indicating that they and you understand we have a drug testing policy. Baseline testing will be held for all athletes on August 21 beginning at 3:00 PM, hoping to be finished by 4:00 PM. Golf will be tested immediately after school followed by junior high volleyball and then other sports as arranged).

If at any time you have any questions, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 419-937-2804, ext, 1011. I am looking forward to an outstanding year of great success for Chieftain athletics in 2015-2016.

                                                                                                                                                Ginni Beaston