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Hopewell-Loudon Bands

Spring Concert Change

I am pleased to announce that the Hopewell-Loudon Bands will hold concerts this spring.  Due to Covid restrictions, the date, times and location of the concerts have changed from the original plan for this year.  All band concerts will be held on SATURDAY, MAY 15  in the Scarlet Gym.  The date change is due to seating limitations at indoor events.  It should be noted that the Band Concerts are not the same day as the choir concerts.  Mrs. Daniel and I felt that it was important to get as many people as possible into our audiences to enjoy your childrens’ progress.  By moving the band concerts to the Scarlet Gym, we are able to nearly triple audience capacity, although still limited.  Because of the limitations, each band will have a separate concert.  Students and audience members will have to strictly adhere to report and departure times.  It is important that we do not exceed our audience capacity.  See the schedule below for these times:

5th Grade Band - Concert starts at 4:00 pm

Report time is 3:40 pm

Audience and students out of the building by 4:40

6th Grade Band  - Concert starts at 5:00 pm

Report time is 4:40 pm

Audience and students out of the building by 5:40

Junior High Band - Concert starts at 6:00 pm

Report time is 5:40 pm

Audience and students out of building by 6:45

High School Band - Concert starts at 7:00 pm

& Jazz Band Report time is 6:30

(No hard depart time)

*High School Band Awards will be distributed this night as well, during the concert.  There will not be a separate band awards banquet.  

Students will be given tickets for the concerts.  Only people with tickets will be permitted into the concert.  If you receive more tickets than you will use, please return the extras to school so I can redistribute them to other families.  

We are looking forward to sharing our performances with you.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


Jess Nelson



Kindergarten Movement

Music related activities to get your children up and moving!









































1st Grade - Music Exploration">

Learn about musical instruments that are not as common as commonly learned about in school or that are used more commonly in different parts of the world. 


Toots Thielemans Mellow Tone Harmonica - The Harmonica Company

Harmonica parts

Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonica - The Harmonica Company












































2nd Grade Rhythm

Teach someone in your family our rhythm chant.  The video below is to help you remember. 













 See if you can hear the eighth note/sixteenth note rhythms (ti, ti-ka) in this song















 3rd Grade Music Appreciation

John Williams
































4th Grade Introduction to Instrumental Music

Recorder ensemble





























JH/HS Bands

High School and Junior High School make-up assignments:

Major performance make-up assignment 


1st missed event - Make-up assignment A

2nd Missed event - Make-up assignment B

3rd Missed event - Make-up assignment A

4th Missed event - Make-up assignment B



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