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Anne Arnold Resources        This is the site for The Ohio Association of Gifted Children.  It has lots of great information as well as several links to helpful resouces.                        This is the site for The National Association of Gifted Children.  It offers a variety of sources not listed on the Ohio site.   Fantastic math dictionary!                   Thousands of sites for gifted students and families.  Awesome!                         Cool math games                       Fun math games           Social Studies games                          Archaeology     Story Starter Machine          multiplication games    2500 fantastic games-- Check this out!                            Send free rice to hungry children all over the world.                      Read a book online and this site will donate a book to a needy                                                                    child.              This site has mulitple subject areas for all ages.  Great for                                                                          chemistry all the way down to preschool activities!                   Wacky web tales!


Advanced Level B Logic Grids                       Advanced Level Sudoku Set A


Beginner Level Logic Grids Set A                  Beginner Level Sudoku Set A


But Who's Multiplying?                                 Circuit Angles


 Create a new setting                                  Kakooma Addition


Kakooma Multiplication                                Level C Logic Grids Set A


Level C Set B Logic Grids                             Level D Logic Grids Set A          


Multiplication Dice Games                            TAG Mystery Number       


Word Pyramids                                           Advanced Level Sudoku Set B


Analogy Crosswords #1-4                           Beginner Level Sudoku Set B


Blank Tangram Set                                     Card Countdown


Word Ladders Level A p. 7-12







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