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Jen Arbogast Classwork

Jen Arbogast Classwork


Sixth Grade Language Arts


We just finished the novel Crispin by Avi.   We have learned a great deal about Medieval England through reading the novel and through our research.   Our next venture will be to learn about population laws throughout the world focusing mostly on China as we read Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix Patterson.


The students are still working on sequential spelling as our spelling program.   This program is really helping to improve spelling of high-frequency words.   This program is "sequential" in that everyday your child is working to build upon spelling patterns.   These patterns allow your child to spell multi-syllabic words with ease!!


Sixth Grade Math


We have successfully finished Unit 1 over statistics (Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Mean Absolute Deviation, and Box and Whisker Plots) and Unit 2 over adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing whole numbers and decimals.  Next:  we are tackling algebra in Unit 3.


Third Grade Language Arts


We have finished Themes 1 and 2 that focused on stories about people in a community.   We also successfully completed a Biography research project with amazing student presentations.   Thanks for all your hardwork!


We will be starting Theme 3 this week in which we are reading stories about Light!!