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Hopewell-Loudon Schools is in the fifth year of using mobile devices in the classroom and has a Jr/Sr High School Policy in the student handbook. The variety of devices owned by students gives us a unique perspective on different platforms.


I want to know what I should buy for me or my student?


There are a lot of factors like how tech savvy your student is, cost and responsibility. The first thing is to understand the technology is built for them not for you. An ipad seems to be perfect for you where an ipod can do all they want to do. An android or Apple ipad tablet has a near size keyboard that does good on productivity. However, I have seen kids type faster with their thumbs on an android phone or ipod touch than some can type with both hands. I like the android 10.1 tablet but it is not for the technically challenged. For better portability, I wish I had got the 7” tablet as opposed to the 10.1 inch tablet. Android has some great free educational apps that even rivals the Apple ipad. I admit I use my wife’s ipad from time to time and it is easier to use, never crashes and is just downright reliable that is why I purchased the ipad for myself. I use an iphone (same as an ipod touch except with cellular) on an hourly basis and it is the best technology investment I have ever made. Caution on ereaders such as kindle fire and the nook. They are great tools for reading, watching videos and social apps but do not function well with productivity and do not hook to external monitors. If you have questions email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and hopefully I can help you out further and tell you where to get the best deals on hardware.

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