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Dear Parents and students:

Hopewell-Loudon Schools utilizes a pre-pay lunch system.  Parents may send in money that will be deposited in an account for your student.  As they go through the lunch line, they will enter a 4-digit code assigned to them. Please help your student learn their number. The student’s picture will be seen on the screen to verify that the correct pin number was entered for the student purchasing the meal.  Money will be deducted from their account based on what they purchase that day. 

As a parent, you:

-                      will have the ability to monitor purchases and add money online at

-                      may send in any amount of money to deposit into your child’s account. 

-                      may write one check for all children attending school, but you must indicate on the envelope who you would like the money to go to                    and how much in each account. 

-                      may restrict your child’s purchases to lunch only (no ala carte). – please note this on your payment envelope.

When a student’s balance falls below $5.00 students will be notified through the lunch line.  If the account continues to decline, a reminder note will be sent home  to the parent so that money can be deposited back into the student’s account so watch for notes being sent home. Email notification is also available.

Elementary students will turn in money as they currently do, to their homeroom teacher in the morning.  High school students may turn in their deposit envelopes until 8:00 AM in Brittney Searles' office.

When making a payment by sending money into school:

-                      place money in an envelope clearly marked as to WHO the money should be deposited to and HOW MUCH for each student.

-                      Checks sent into the school should be made out to Hopewell-Loudon.  Remember to sign checks and, again, indicate how much and                    who the money goes to.   Payments for other purchases may be made                          through this same system.  For example pay to participate fees,  field trips, class fees, etc.

At the end of the school year, any amount in a student account less than $20.00 will be rolled over into the next school year.  Any amount over $20.00 will also be rolled over into the next school year unless a refund is requested.  Balances in graduating senior and withdrawing student accounts greater than $10.00  will be refunded.  Balances less than $10.00 will be refunded upon request of the student or parent.


If you have questions, please call the school, or email Jennifer Hedrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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