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Q. How can I be sure someone else is not using my child's pin account? Is it secure?

A. This is a very secure system. Not only does each child have a pin number, as the child goes through the lunch line, their picture is displayed on a screen in front of the cashier so that there is a verification that the child using that account is the child in the picture!

Q. Is there a limit to how much I deposit in my children's account?

A. You may deposit as much as you would like in your child's account. We do ask that a minimum of $10.00 is deposited to start their account.

Q. If there is money left in the account at the end of the year what happens to it?

A. Any amounts over $20.00 will be refunded upon request of the parent, otherwise the money will stay in your child's account to start the next school year. Graduating seniors and withdrawing students will get a refund.

Q. May my own children use their brother or sister's account?

A. No, they may not. This is in order to enforce the security function on the system. With so many children in the school, we are not always aware who is related to who, so you must use your own pin number, no one else's.

Q. Can I keep track of my child's account?

A. Yes. Create an account on the web site for your child and you will be able to monitor expenditures and balances.

Q. Is there an on-line payment option?

A. Yes. At the parent site, you may choose to add funds to your child's account through either credit card or online check/savings withdrawals.

Q. Are there fees associated with on-line payments?

A. There are fees charged to your credit card. Be sure to read the terms of agreement in order to find out the fee amount. Currently, all of the fees are charged to your credit card, and the ACH transfer option is $1.50.

Q. Can you pay with on-line check drafts?

A. Yes. Again, please visit the site for further payment methods.

Q. Is prepayment mandatory?

A. Prepayment of meals is not mandatory at this time. However, elementary children do prepay their meals by paying their $6.50 per week. Now you have the option to pay more than than one week at a time.

Q. Can I use my account to pay for other things?

A. Yes! Just about anything that needs to have a check written to school can be deducted from your prepay account. You will be able to view your childs activities through the web site.



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