Angie Bloom Classwork


With three differnt teachers your child will have a planner this year.  It is thier respoonsibility to use it to organize their assignments.  This should be checked nightly at home for upcoming assignments, tests, or events.  Teachers will send assignment reminders to parents using the Remind App.



This year the third grade teachers will be using the Facebook group Class of 2029 to keep parents updated on what's going on in the classroom with pictures.  This is a great conversation starter at dinner time!  "I saw in Science that your are..."  If you do not have a Facebook account you will have to create one to be part of this group.  

This is a closed group that ONLY parents/guardians of the current years third graders may be members of.  The content in this group may not be shared.  


 Remind App

Remind is a texting or e-mailing reminder system that all three teachers use.  Anytime an assignment is given the teacher will send a remind message out to all that are signed up.  This can come to your phone or e-mail.  This does not take the place of the planner, but a good way to check with your child about homework.  This is also used for other homeroom reminders like notices, field trips, paperwork, etc.  

Click below to sign up for both my homeroom if your child is in my homeroom class and all should sign up for my Science/Social Studies class.



Remind sign up for Mrs. Bloom's Homeroom

Science/Social Studies Remind sign up



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