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Ancient ROme

Unit 2: Ancient Rome

Expectations for Learning/Learning Targets Vocabulary  

Citeexamples and explainthe enduring impact that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had on later civilizations

  • I can define and give examples of enduring impact for someone that I know.
  • I can describe several technology legacies of Ancient Romans.
  • I can summarize examples of the enduring impact of Roman literature.
  • I can explain the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy.
  • I can summarize the four key factors of the government for the Roman republic.
  • I can summarize Rome’s contribution to the spread of Christianity.
  • I can explain examples of enduring impacts of the Ancient Romans on later civilizations.

Describe how Greek democracy and the Roman Republic were radical departures from monarchy and theocracy.

Explain how they influenced the structure and function of modern democratic governments.  

  • I can summarize why Athenian government was a direct democracy.
  • I can summarize why the Roman Republic was a representative democracy.
  • I can identify the criteria for who was considered a Roman citizen.
  • I can describe the responsibility of a Roman citizen to his government.
  • I can describe how Greek and Roman governments were significantly different from monarchies and theocracies.   

I can explain the impact f Greek and Roman governments on modern democracies.

  • civilizations
  • enduring impact [legacy-(influence]
  • engineering
  • Christianity
  • legacy


  • study of history
  • republic
  • constitution
  • tripartite government
  • checks and balances
  • civic duty
  • basilica
  • amphitheater
  • aqueducts
  • domes / arches
  • frescoes


  • Greek democracy
  • Roman Republic
  • monarchy
  • theocracy
  • modern democratic governments
  • Athenian direct democracy
  • Roman representative government
    • Senate
    • the Consuls
    • Assemblies
    • constitution


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