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Ancient Greece

Unit 1: Ancient Greece


  • 2.) Lecture 2- Early Civilizations (4-End)










Write 5 bullet details about the Minoans and 5 about the Mycenaens on a piece of notebook paper.

 Title this sheet Early Civilizations of Greece





  • 3.)Differences between City-States and Government 
  • Lecture 3- Athens Democracracy
    • Directions: Watch the following video and 1.) record the stages of ancient Greek government in city stats...(*hint) It begins with a MONARCHY!
    • 2.) Record the comparasion between U.S. and Athenian government 
  •    4.) Activity:     Sparta and Athens website

Define the word value

Define the word norm

Write down the following statements with space in between   

Athens valued education 

Spartans valued strength and military power


Write down evidence from the website to support these statements


  • In a box at the bottom of your paper write down the difference in the role of women in Athens and Sparta





Expectations for Learning/Learning Targets Vocabulary  

Citeexamples and explainthe enduring impact that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had on later civilizations

  • I can define and give examples of enduring impact for someone that I know.
  • I can describe several technology legacies of the Ancient Greeks.
  • I can summarize examples of the enduring impact of Greek literature.
  • I can explain a direct democracy.
  • I can explain examples of enduring impacts of the Ancient Greeks on later civilizations.
  • civilizations
  • enduring impact [legacy-(influence]
  • legacy
  • direct democracy
  • astrolabe
  • pulley block
  • wood screw